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Rebels with a CauseSanta Barbara Permaculture Network and Farmer and the Cook Restaurant Presents

Award-Winning Documentary Film
Rebels with a Cause
How a Battle Over Land Changed the California Landscape Forever
with Special Guest
Paul Relis

Thursday, August 6 , 2015
7:30pm -FREE
Farmer and The Cook Restaurant
Meiners Oaks/Ojai

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In the first half of the 20th century, California’s population increased by 600% and by the 1950’s development was consuming coastal open space and farmland to housing development & shopping malls in a way that seemed to have no limits.

A stunningly beautiful film narrated by Frances McDormand, Rebels With A Cause is the tale about the dreamers and schemers and activists who – despite reversals, diversions and disappointments – persist in their mission for more than twenty years and foster a national movement beginning in California to preserve open space that ultimately grew into a legacy of National Seashores, National Parks and National Recreation Areas around the nation.

It’s the story of garden clubs, ranchers, farmers conservationists, politicians, widows and volunteers, all of whom worked their way through compromise and negotiation with the American public coming up as the winner.

It’s a struggle that crosses party lines, unites seemingly antagonistic foes, falters and is nearly extinguished many times along the way, but ultimately is victorious.  Beautiful cinematic footage, clever animation, moving interviews and a very compelling story are woven together in story that is especially meaningful for our times.

Award winning filmmakers Nancy Kelly and Kenji Yamamoto of Kelly+Yamamoto Productions capture breathtaking natural landscapes while chronicling the story of an unusual group of individuals who make monumental change to help preserve a landscape for future generations.

Santa Barbara Permaculture Network invites community members, leaders, educators, students, and all who care about land preservation to attend and join the discussion about preservation of not only open space, but also agricultural lands in trust, urban community landtrusts, and how future generations can participate in preserving our own beautiful and unique landscape.

Special Guest Paul Relis author of new book Out of the Wasteland : Stories from the Environmental Frontier (Book Will be for sale)  takes readers on a journey of the environmental frontier, starting with the birth of environmentalism in Santa Barbara into the intricate, obfuscated but all important world of government and policy, to important new environmental technologies that can, indeed, free us from this age of oil.

While Relis was a student at UC Santa Barbara, a massive oil spill erupted off the coast of Santa Barbara on Jan. 28, 1969, devastated the coastline, killed much aquatic life and severely damaged the local economy. The oil spill was a transformative event in the history of the United States that influenced the establishment of the Environmental Protection Agency, Earth Day and other landmark environmental programs.

The oil spill was a life-changing event for Relis, who at age 23 became the first executive director of a newly formed nonprofit, the Community Environmental Council. The CEC played a critical role in staving off several proposed developments that would have changed Santa Barbara forever. Under Relis’ leadership, the CEC built visionary projects including recycling facilities, green buildings, urban gardens and an urban farm, that, decades ago, presaged the core elements of sustainability today.

The free event takes place on Thursday, August 6 , 7:30pm, at the  Farmer and The Cook, 339 El Roblar Meiners Oaks/Ojai Ca 93023. No reservations are required.  More info:,, 805-962-2571.

Hosted by: Santa Barbara Permaculture Network & Farmer and The Cook Restaurant

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